Media: A Collection of Video Art from Los Angeles  


SE Barnet | "Snow Music for Polystyrene", 2002

Media: 4 projectors, 4 DVD players, 4 DVDs
(for the MEDIA group exhibit only 2 projectors and 2 DVD players are required as only 2 projection pieces are included))
Dimensions: 25' deep by 25' wide by 10' high.

In this three part projection installation a single clip of video of a woman's walk in the snow, becomes a meditation on the nature of repetition. The hypnotic series of looped audio and video sequences present variations on the restlessness of movement and the stasis of the loop. The video loops are sculpturally integrated with Styrofoam elements, both found and fabricated, reflecting a negative space "filler" elevated in importance. Intricate manipulations of this figure in isolation plays out a singular dance, lost in projections on surfaces broken with physical interruptions, or imprisoned in the confinement of miniature theatrical spaces. This work is about the figurative ability to move forward while lost in the fascination and compunction of repetition.