GALA Exhibits
A curatorial project in the City of Glendale, CA.

An exhibition of artwork by Mavis Leahy, Gloria Newton, and Toti M. O’Brien

GALA Charm(s) N-1 GALA Charm(s) N-2GALA Charm(s)-1 GALA Charm(s)-15GALA Charm(s) N-4 GALA Charm(s) N-3

GALA Charm(s)-9 GALA Charm(s)-3

GALA Charm(s)-16 GALA Charm(s)-11

GALA Charm(s)-14 GALA Charm(s)-6

GALA Charm(s)-18 GALA Charm(s)-19GALA Charm(s)-13 GALA Charm(s)-12

Mavis Leahy          Gloria Newton          Toti M. O’Brien